An email from a happy client – Learning and Development Facilitator Audley Academy

Hi Amanda,

As promised, I have some details of the incident for you. Kate Xxxxxxxx (Reception) completed her first aid training on Wednesday (external trainer from OJAST Ltd). She really enjoyed the training and had told me how confident she now felt. It was just 24 hours later that she would be relying on what she had learnt. Yesterday one of our owners was found slumped in his car. Kate went to help him. She enlisted the help of John Wxxxx, our Facilities Manager to get him into the wheelchair. At this stage, she thought that the owner was de-hydrated. On his request, they took him up to his apartment.

He began to look extremely ill – very pale with cold and clammy skin. His lips were blue. Kate explained to me that due to her training, she suspected that he was having a heart attack. She had no hesitation in calling 999. The paramedics took him to Hospital. He has since been transferred to Bristol and has had a stent fitted.

It was confirmed that he had suffered a major heart attack. During the incident, support was also given to the owner’s wife too and Kate spent time with her until later into the evening. Kate said to me that if she had not received the training, she may have just made him a cup of tea and called the Care team to visit him.

She is so grateful that she knew what to do. She was shaken and found the experience traumatic, but she had received the training and had the confidence to take control of the situation. We are all so proud of her here. I told her that I would be emailing you. She said that it was a team effort – John was equally involved too.

I love this story – it has the essence of Audley running right through it – professional staff who care and are equipped for any situation, team work and support in times of need and celebration. For the owners, there is peace of mind knowing that there is a great team at hand.

Have a great weekend – ending the week on a ‘high’. Julie