SIA Security Training in Swindon, Calne, Devizes and Chippenham (Wiltshire)

This is a restraint training opportunity is provided by OJAST Ltd for anyone in Calne, Chippenham, Devizes and Swindon. If they wish to enter, retain, refresh or enhance their skills in Security. With the possibly for New qualifications in Security. Feel free to read this advert and contact Owen Smorthit direct or through the OJAST… read more

Jailed unlicensed security director ordered to pay over £63,000 from proceeds of crime

OJAST Ltd Director says ‘Dn’t get caught out by some who will cost you your licence”. 12 January 2018 ​On 9 December 2017 at Teesside Crown Court, jailed security director Christopher Catchpole, was ordered to pay back proceeds of crime amounting to £63,628. Catchpole, formerly of Pro-Lock Security Limited based in Durham, had previously been… read more

Australian Academy, RIMSCO, OJAST Ltd Conclude Level 5 Security Management Diploma August 2017

  The Australian Academy (AA) Institute for Studies and Training, in collaboration with Risk Management and Security Consulting Company (RIMSCO), concluded a diploma-training course in programs pertinent to security and defense affairs (Security Management). AA was initiated to be an effective partner to the national efforts aiming to upgrade the quality of education and training,… read more

Troublemakers Could be Barred Thanks to New Pubwatch System

Bar staff and managers who are members of the Newcastle city centre watch scheme can now share pictures and information about those committing crime and causing bother at their premises thanks to a new secure website. The page, which is accessible 24 hours a day on computers, tablets and mobile, will give up to the… read more

Tourniquets & Haemostatic Dressing in High Risk Jobs – First Aid Training

There’s been an accident, and your workmate has injuries to his legs. He’s losing blood fast, and the emergency services are 20 minutes away. Could a tourniquet save him? OJAST Ltd Tourniquets & Haemostatic Dressing first aid course picks up where basic first aid courses finish. It shows you when and where a tourniquet or… read more

Tourniquet & Haemostatic Dressing Training for Security Workers

You are first on the scene following a terrorist attack! You were confronted with people haemorrhaging blood from injured limbs! Would your first aid training be adequate? OJAST Ltd offers training in tourniquet and haemostatic dressing that could make all the difference. Tourniquets save lives! With terror attacks on soft targets rising, any worker in… read more

Why restraint incidents go wrong: fight-or-flight vs SIA training

Posted on: Monday, 12 January 2016 ( Duncan White IBA UK ltd) Every so often, I come across a terrific article that makes me think everyone involved in security ought to read this. That’s exactly how I felt about this blog post from our respected colleague and industry expert, Mark Dawes. Mark puts together some genuinely useful information… read more

Preventing radicalisation – OJAST Ltd

The poster we’ve uploaded today is a timely reminder about radicalisation. The simple message is that with help and guidance, people can step away from a radicalised pathway that may ultimately lead to terrorism. You can download the poster here, print off and display.

How to report online terrorist material – OJAST Ltd

The internet has revolutionalised how all of us communicate. Unfortunately, that includes terrorists. Sites that promote radicalisation and terrorist activity, or give information on terrorist methods, have become an integral part of global terrorist activity. In our recent blogs and newsletters, we’ve talked about the need for being vigilant in our day-to-day physical environment. But… read more