BBC Studioworks and two others fined after contractor seriously injured

Date: 5 December 2017 Three companies have been fined after a contractor to BBC Studioworks Ltd fell more than 10 metres at Elstree Film Studios. Harrow Crown Court heard how Eric Ihoeghinlan, an employee of Gabem Management Ltd, fell through a lighting grid hatch while recovering electrical cables for BBC Studioworks Ltd during a de-rigging operation. He… read more

Australian Academy, RIMSCO, OJAST Ltd Conclude Level 5 Security Management Diploma August 2017

  The Australian Academy (AA) Institute for Studies and Training, in collaboration with Risk Management and Security Consulting Company (RIMSCO), concluded a diploma-training course in programs pertinent to security and defense affairs (Security Management). AA was initiated to be an effective partner to the national efforts aiming to upgrade the quality of education and training,… read more

Security firms fined over death of security guard

Date: 12 August 2016 Two security companies have been fined after a security guard died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Javaid Iqbal, a 29 year old father of three, was employed by London based KK Security Services Ltd as a security guard on a construction site in Leigh, Wigan. KK Security were sub contracted by Veritas Security (Southern) Ltd, a Southampton… read more

Troublemakers Could be Barred Thanks to New Pubwatch System

Bar staff and managers who are members of the Newcastle city centre watch scheme can now share pictures and information about those committing crime and causing bother at their premises thanks to a new secure website. The page, which is accessible 24 hours a day on computers, tablets and mobile, will give up to the… read more

Firm sentenced after worker’s arm severed

Date: 28 July 2016 A Bristol based manufacturer of concrete products has been fined after a worker’s arm was torn off when it was pulled into the rotating tail pulley of a conveyor belt. Bristol Crown Court heard the injured man was making adjustments to a misaligned conveyor belt at Concrete Fabrications Ltd plant in Henbury,… read more

Tourniquets & Haemostatic Dressing in High Risk Jobs – First Aid Training

There’s been an accident, and your workmate has injuries to his legs. He’s losing blood fast, and the emergency services are 20 minutes away. Could a tourniquet save him? OJAST Ltd Tourniquets & Haemostatic Dressing first aid course picks up where basic first aid courses finish. It shows you when and where a tourniquet or… read more

Tourniquet & Haemostatic Dressing Training for Security Workers

You are first on the scene following a terrorist attack! You were confronted with people haemorrhaging blood from injured limbs! Would your first aid training be adequate? OJAST Ltd offers training in tourniquet and haemostatic dressing that could make all the difference. Tourniquets save lives! With terror attacks on soft targets rising, any worker in… read more

School and Workplace Violence and Aggression – OJAST Ltd Can Help You

The definition of violence includes verbal abuse and threats as well as physical violence. Reporting verbal abuse and threats can help in identifying further actions that can reasonably be taken to reduce risks, such as changes in site layout, procedures or additional training. HSE’s web pages on work related violence highlight initiatives undertaken to tackle… read more

Life saved by First Aid Training

An email from a happy client – Learning and Development Facilitator Audley Academy Hi Amanda, As promised, I have some details of the incident for you. Kate Xxxxxxxx (Reception) completed her first aid training on Wednesday (external trainer from OJAST Ltd). She really enjoyed the training and had told me how confident she now felt…. read more

HSE June 2016 First Aid New Information for Training – AED, Tourniquets and Haemostatic Dressings

This Information informs duty holders on matters that affect workplace first aid under the Health and Safety (First-aid) Regulations 1981 Advice to Employers, from the HSE, on the use of Blended Learning in First Aid Training.  Blended learning is an accepted means by which workplace first aid training can be delivered. It is important that Employers… read more