Award From RIMSCO for Services Provided


The Australian Academy (AA) Institute for Studies and Training, in collaboration with Risk Management and Security Consulting Company (RIMSCO), concluded a diploma-training course in programs pertinent to security and defense affairs (Security Management). AA was initiated to be an effective partner to the national efforts aiming to upgrade the quality of education and training, in addition, AA is keen to provide international educational standards of training, and develop a curriculum in line with the professional labor market requirements.




Team Building Tasks looking at design, cost and time management

The training course delivered aims at developing the security management skills of the participants by providing the tools, abilities and knowledge that enable them to manage security crises, emergency plans during evacuations, so are qualified prior taking over their roles and official duties in operating and managing the overall security systems at the Kuwait Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW).



A great group of guys

The course covered a set of topics related to quality planning, implementation and development in the security training process. It addresses the importance of developing the security awareness and disseminating the culture of maintaining security, the law and order, as well as planning strategies to manage and confront security crises, and the advanced technology in preparing and implementing the emergency and evacuation plans. It also contains principles of evaluating the risks and designating the weaknesses in the facilities and installations, and the role of security manager in risk management and prevention, and the systemic approach for security decision-making and crisis management.

A well deserved Kuwait style meal

Owen Smorthit BEM – OJAST Ltd, Patrick Ross-Plummer – PRP Security Ltd and Duncan White – IBA UK Ltd, were commissioned to convert a 12 month distance learning package to a 9 month classroom taught programme including specific research, Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Powerpoint Presentations, Individual and Team Tasks and then lecturing through translators and ensuring that all candidates provided suitable work to attain the qualification. A fantastic achievement was that the unquestionable result tat 24 out of 33 candidates acieved distinctions. The candidates also gained the parallel qualification under The Kuwaiti education programme.

They did work sometimes as well as breaks!



Organising such courses is due to the commitment of AA towards the various entities in the State of Kuwait, to achieve leadership in human investment, and upgrade the level of education in the State of Kuwait.



A thank you from the group



Participants to the diploma course in special programs relating to security and defence affairs (security management) were awarded international certification of Perpetuity Training Institute – UK, and a certificate approved by AA.



In conclusion of the training program, AA held a ceremony in the auditorium of the Australian College, where they delivered honouring trophies and certificates of appreciation to the participants, in the presence of representatives of a committee to monitor the security resolutions of the cabinet, Colonel Mohammad Al-Farsi, Advisor of Security Planning Affairs, Colonel Nabeel Al- Safi, Director General of Security Projects, Colonel Salah Al-Sumait, Training Director. From MEW, Eng. Sheikh Abdulla Naser Al-Sabah, Training Coordinator for Plants Security Affairs for Power Generation. From RIMSCO, Counsel Meshari Najeeb Al-Dhubaib, Deputy GM, and Bill Rhynd, Operations Manager. From the Australian Academy Institute for Studies and Training, Eng. Sager Al-Sharhan, Deputy Partner for Industrial Affairs Management at the Australian College, Ali Mubarak, Director of Corporate Training Department, Hanan Haloush, Senior Manager Corporate Training Department at the Australian College and Sahar Al-Malak, Manager of the Australian Academy Institute.